LAPIXA shows you where your images are used online- simple, fast, and reliable 

Full Service

Our software detects online usage of your content worldwide, even if it has been altered. Once uploaded, our Image Finder continuously searches for your images around the clock. To save you a tedious legal process, LAPIXA also has a team of international lawyers where you get free case-specific advice. If you would like to pursue a case with us, our legal team collects evidence and will get in direct contact with the copyright infringer to legally assert your claims. Our incentive is clear – both LAPIXA and our lawyers only get a commission if we win the case for you.

Continuous Search

Many reverse image search services search the web once, and that’s it. But what about tomorrow? Why spend time on regular searches when LAPIXA can do it for you? The automatic LAPIXA Image Finder searches the internet for you 24/7 and gives updates when you have new matches.

Swift Results

Though copyright infringement cases may be daunting, we make the process as straightforward as possible. Our LAPIXA Image Finder starts scanning the second your image is uploaded and is one of the easiest platforms to use – try it yourself here.

Strategic Plan

LAPIXA investigates international cases, but has a particular focus on the US and EU, as these are usually where the cases with the best chance of success in enforcing your rights are located.

Leading Value in the Industry

Contrary to our competitors, once you’ve uploaded an image to the LAPIXA Image Finder, our software will continuously scan for your content online. In addition to a transparent overview of the usage of your pictures, in the event of unlawful use, we also offer complete support in legal prosecution.

Exceptional Customer Experience

At LAPIXA, our customers always come first, which is why we have made our entire user interface as seamless as possible. We are constantly improving it to implement our clients’ feedback. We also have a helpful chatbox where we are happy to answer all questions at any time!

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