Instructions for Uploading Images via FTP

If you want to transfer a large amount of pictures (>100 pcs), the fastest way is via FTP. If you do not have the FTP software yet, we recommend downloading the free Filezilla tool, from the following link:

After installing your preffered version, please open FileZilla.

In the upper section you will find the bar with the fields “Host”, “Username” and “Password”.

Please enter as follows: Host: . User name and Password can be found in the e-mail that we sent you for unblocking of your account.
Leave the Port field empty.

Then click Connect.

Once you are connected, you will see the directory of your computer on the left-hand side. On the right you will see the FTP page/folder. To transfer your data, just drag and drop your files/folders from your computer directory side to the FTP server side (left to right). Your data transfer will start automatically.

Once the upload is finished (you will see the message “Connection to the server disconnected”), you can close the application “Filezilla”.

Please note: The duration of the upload depends on the total size of the files/folder. An upload of 100 MB takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

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